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Wow. I just read the story on this Martian Skull tee, and if true, it’s quite amazing. In 1982 a team of archeologists found this skull in a newly discovered temple. On their way to Bagdad, the team had a “road accident” and somehow the artifact ended up under the watchful eye of the US Air Force in an undisclosed Ohio location.

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Future Dino T Shirt

by on April 3, 2013


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That is a dinosaur from the future. Lasers. Wings. Helmet. Rock boosters. Pretty badass. And those eyes. On fire. The dinosaurs didn’t go extinct. Instead they all hopped in a big spaceship and went to a distant planet for thousands of years. They picked up some technology, waited for the asteroids to hit Earth, cause havoc, then stabilize. Then they came back and scared everybody. By the way, this is a glimpse into the future. This is going to happen in like 20 years.

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I like this one. That one astronaut lives by the code: “just gotta be me.” So, everybody has their white spacesuit on, this dude had a custom suit put together, along with special blue space paint on the helmet. Let’s not forget the yellow appendages. If the aliens are out there and looking for someone to rever, who do you think they’re going to approach. That’s right. Pink.

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Pizza Planet T Shirt

by on April 3, 2013


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Toy Story!

Serving your local star cluster. Call mission control for a delivery shuttle. Buzz Lightyear is hoping aboard so they can find Andy. Apparently, there’s a thing with the Pizza Planet truck — it’s in all the Toy Story movies — so this shirt will definitely become a collectors item in no more than 37 years.

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Cigar Monkey T Shirt

by on April 3, 2013


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You know, I was just looking for a t-shirt featuring an ape smoking a cigar. Lo and behold…I was doing my daily rounds of sports and pop culture Internet surfing, and ran into this beauty. It’s exactly what I was looking for, because it makes a REAL statement. I mean, when I’m wearing this tee, I feel nobody is going to mess with me, yet they know I have a sense of humor. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Hey now…Twantard’s got sweatshirts. Some kind of hieroglyphic, mole-faced magpie man dancing like Old Time Relijun was playing that same song that exorcised his demons last time they were in town.

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8 Bit Bosses T Shirt

by on April 2, 2013


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Who can name all these characters and the games they’re from? Anybody? Drop ’em in the comments if you dare. I’ll start. Mike Tyson. Donkey Kong. Now you go. Name all the 8 Bit Bosses and you will receive all the glory. You want all the glory do you not?

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This design makes me think of The Beatles’ song, Mother Nature’s Son, except then we’re talking an Oedipus situation, which might be a little too much to wear on your chest.

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I always forget that May 4 is a Star Wars thing now. And, it’s incredible to me because there a clever little sense of humor to the whole thing. May the Fourth. Come on. It’s someone saying the classic Star Wars line with a lisp and now we celebrate the movie franchise officially on the fourth day of May. That’s crazy.

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miskatonic-university-arkham-massachusetts-t-shirtGet This Shirt from Five Finger Tees

H.P. Lovecraft! Cthulhu Mythos. It’s so odd to me what gets picked up and carried by the future generations. Why is H.P. Lovecraft so super popular? He was publishing in the early-20th Century. You know like 1900s. I guess if other artists pick up the torch, and carry him decade by decade, and the writing is way ahead of its time, then it makes sense that even in 2013, Mr. Lovecraft gets love from the t-shirt world.

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Game of Thrones! Tyrion Lannister! Peter Dinklage!

What a great design. Some people don’t particularly like the half man and his quick, acerbic wit. Nor his plotting and scheming  Nor his arrogant manner. But, he’s got style and a personality, and he knows he’s not for everybody, which makes him that much more engaging and entertaining.

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So Australia is now up-over. Is that how that works? Why is there an upside down map of the world on this shirt? I guess that’s the classic question, because the answer is on the shirt: “why not?” Is there any background to this shirt? Did Sheldon wear this or have an upside down map in his room? Did the head dude in Game of Thrones lead his crew to war across treacherous terrain while looking at an upside down map? Can the zombies in The Walking Dead only read maps upside down?

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