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Mix Tape Anatomy T Shirt

by on February 7, 2013


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You have all the moving parts of the tape all mapped out, but the real anatomy of the mix tape is the lust, mistaken for love that drives the creation of 93% of mix tapes. It’s a way to share some of your taste, emotional range, and maybe slip in some subliminal (or not so) messages about getting naked.

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Pinkman T Shirt

by on February 7, 2013


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Wait, is this a spoiler? I’m not quite done with season 5. Should I cover my eyes and run screaming? Why is Pinkman on a Phosphorus Periodic Table of the Elements square? Or maybe I just have a terrible memory and that happened in like Season 2. In fact, it’s what he’s known for. The actor that plays Pinkman can’t get any other acting work because the running Phosphorus bit throughout Season 4 has branded him, such that audiences could think of him in no other way. This is very possible, because the only thing I can remember about TV or movies is if I liked the shows or not.

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I am so out of touch with the zombie thing. I do not get it. It’s just completely unsavory. Non-stop fear and shooting and really ugly people stumbling about groaning. But, I understand that I am the only person on Earth that is not really that into zombie programming, so I am happy to present this very fine The Walking Dead shirt.

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Heart On’s Sunglasses

by on February 6, 2013


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I’m really thinking that I might get this sunglasses. My kids already think I’m gay because they were saying that Javier Bardem was a weird and ugly looking dude, and I chimed in a little too passionately, that he is one of the most handsome men in the world (his hair in No Country for Old Men notwithstanding). I mean have they not seen Before Night Falls?

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I don’t totally understand why this shirt is called Valentine’s Day of the Dead. I love that it is, but where does Valentine’s day come into this? Does this skull image have something to do with the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. Or maybe we’re talking about Hamlet talking to a skull…there was love going on in that story…wasn’t there?

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I’m With Cupid T Shirt

by on February 6, 2013


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This is pretty much brilliant. Not even in the context of the lover’s holiday coming up. It’s just super clever to turn the hack “I’m with stupid” t-shirt concept on its ear and let the love and happiness bubble up. Wait, if you’re with cupid, does that mean you resisted cupids arrows directing you to some other person, and instead directed your attention to the little cherubic demi-god? Is that legal?

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I Less Than 3 You T Shirt

by on February 6, 2013


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Is it too soon to say I less than three you? <3…How cute is that? And this being February, the month of love. It’s perfect. It’s also super nerdy, which is exactly what gets you laid these days, so that’s a bonus unless you’re not into that.

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Dragon Origami T Shirt

by on February 6, 2013


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Fold this way. Crease that. Fold the other way. Then shake your hands real fast and voila…it’s an origami dragon. Yes! It’s so easy. Anybody can do it. If you can’t make this with these perfect instructions, uh, I’m not sure what to tell you. Probably should get out of the business of pretending you’re into arts and crafts. Get back on that iPhone. Texting, tweeting, and watching vids is probably more your speed.

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Lost Cat Tiger T Shirt

by on February 6, 2013


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This is a weird thing to wear around. A t-shirt with a Lost Cat sign that you would post on a telephone pole as you’re sniffling and thinking the worst about the fate of Mittens. But, then, there’s a little whammy. It’s a tiger, and basically you’re trying to get small children to die at the zoo, checking the tiger’s tag.

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Django Unchained. Dude, Quentin Tarantino knows how to make movies. Entertaining as hell movies. Am I right? This is no exception. Crackling subject matter. Great story. Amazing performances. Now, you can have the shirt to mark the momentous occasion of fine cinema being released to the public.

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Ah, the Teabagging in Halo. Such an odd phenomenon. The dudes that thought it was hilarious, while playing the game and watching the viral teabagging Youtube videos, decided it was appropriate to perform this move on their buddies. So, even in the most homophobic homes, there are boys rubbing their genitals on other boys.

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What a quaint little wagon. Ernie…take a picture of me on that wagon. I want it as a keepsake. I’m so happy we came down south to vacation this winter. Oh my, Ernie, this is a very big gun on this quaint little wagon. What do you suppose that’s for? And, Ernie, why is that crowd of people headed our way? And, finally, dear, why are they all walking like they have really bad gout?

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