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This is a dude from some sort of Ricky Gervais show. Named Karl Pilkington. He’s supposed to be really stupid? Is this dude just putting on the daffy doofus shit? Is there a show called An Idiot Abroad?

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Bilbo Baggins grew the weed in the shire and the authorities didn’t care, because they just let dudes due what they want, if they’re not infringing on the rights of others. Now, that’s a nice world to live in. Ah…the shire.

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Halo Kitty T Shirt

by on February 9, 2013


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Great mashup of Halo and Hello Kitty. That little kitty has the ubiquitous gold-tinged helmet made so famous by one of the hottest games on the planet. Love the way this is incorporated in the shape of a kitty head. The design is complete with this bow.

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Obama T Shirt

by on February 9, 2013


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I’ve always liked this photo of Obama. Very debonair and Rebel without a Cause. Add the pixelization of the eye area and it adds an odd air of mystery, which is unsettling, yet inviting. I like it. Cool shirt. Just don’t wear it around kids, because you’ll basically be forcing them to pick up a smoking habit because the Prez looks so damn cool doing it.

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Flavorful Fiesta T Shirt

by on February 9, 2013


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This is such a joyous scene. So, much good times all in this one captured moment. And this combination is quite a duo. Chip and salsa. Delicious. And fun. Plus, you have shakers, and a guitar, and great music, and sombreros. But, let’s not miss the most important part of this design….MUSTACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They don’t like the Jews in Al Abbas Original Best Chicken, but Larry David invites Super Dave to come eat, ’cause apparently the chicken is good. But, Super Dave insists on wearing a yamulke. Larry won’t have it, and well you’ve seen the rest. Or if you haven’t the clip is below.

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Larry David is one helluva comedic talent, and this is one of his go to bits, so you better sit up and take notice and recognize. Then, you better get this shirt. Why, well, because it’s pretty, pretty, pretty, good.

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quit-yo-jibba-jabba-t-shirtGet This Shirt From TV Store Online

Sometimes you just need to start what you’re doing and think about the homespun, hard-as-nails, truths that Mr. T shared with the A-Team fan base and the world at large. Sometimes you just need to start talking and start listening. You might learn something. You might get in less trouble. That’s why this shirt is a tremendous value. Plus, if you’re wearing the shirt around town, you can help others learn of the errors of their ways and in turn become better people.

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Mr T did not mince words. He told it like it was, and he could back it up because of those massive guns, and crazy ass mohawk. You don’t want to mess with Mr. T, so when he says to you forcefully, “shut up fool,” you go ahead and keep your trap shut…for your health.

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At the time of posting, this tee is on sale for 50% off and out of print, so once they’re gone….THEY’RE GONE! Nice wordplay accompanied by a beautifully ugly design, if that makes any sense. When you think of moldy, green bread rising from the underworld, you don’t often think eye-pleasing design, but this shirt pulls it off.

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Alien Invader T Shirt

by on February 7, 2013


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I like this one a lot. The little 8-pixel alien from Space Invaders thinks a lot of himself. In fact, in his mind he’s the big scary creature from the movie Alien. And, that’s the kind of positive self-delusion you have to have as you open yourself up to gunfire at close range as a phalanx of your fellow invaders slowly attack, knowing that most will perish.

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The three major composers of the Baroque era all on one shirt. Bonus: you get to remember them as the broke musicians they were because of the wordplay in this design. If you can name each of these fine composers in the comments, you’ll get a super neat prize from me (a wagon-load of respect). To tell you the truth, I don’t even know who they are, or if they’re even real people from history.

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