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Globetrotter University
Geek-o-rama! Or Futurama! This is from Futurama, the sci-fi cartoon from Adult Swim. I don’t understand this stuff but it is very geeky and I resemble that. I have turned on the TV late at night and caught a little Futurama wondering why I was still awake and if I someone had dosed me with LSD. Futurama combines cool, futuristic stuff, weird geekiness with dark, dead-pan humor. Very creative and a bit off from the norm.

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Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Volunteer T-Shirt from Snorg

Patrick Bateman. Quintessential, successful white man in a suit and dressed to kill. This is a great meme. There are a few others that are commonly used out there featuring Pat Bateman. He is featured with an axe as a reaction face as in the 2000 movie, American Psycho. Here are some of the super-high-end features of this Patrick Bateman meme:

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Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Volunteer T-Shirt from Snorg
This is wayyyyy geeky. Portal 2 is a first person puzzle platform, sci-fi video game with a backstory that centers around Cave Johnson, the head of Aperture Science. This is like a game within another game because it is set in the Half-Life universe. So many things go wrong in these labs: poisoning from neurotoxin and many other very geeky things. Wow, I love gamer shirts that only other serious gamers would understand. Beautiful! But then again, I am a very big geek.

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Bacteria, It's the Only Culture Some People Have
A mashup between the good ole’ Donkey Kong arcade game and the song from Drake’s chorus lyrics, “Started from the Bottom.” Mario, on this shirt is replaced with a little, 8-bit Drake rescuing Pauline. Pretty clever. Now if we could just get a mashup shirt with Mrs. Pacman singing the Weird Al Parody of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Girls Just Want to Have Lunch), I would be ecstatic.

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Video Games Ruined My Life T-Shirt
OMG, my eyes hurt, I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome, arthritis and a stiff neck. I have been playing video games incessantly, obsessively and I cannot stop. They’ve ruined my life @!*$&% But, I have 2 more lives left and I may be able to pick up an extra life pretty soon if I can past these Kuppa Truppa’s and get to the Lilac Forests to Evernon.

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Here's Johnny! T-Shirt from the Shining Movie
Here’s a new one from one of the creepiest movies of all time, the Shining. Jack Nicholson plays a recovering alcoholic, husband and dad that moved his family to the Overlook Hotel in Colorado to become the caretaker of the hotel. Well, he ends up getting possessed by the hotel demon and going on a killing spree, and ultimately tries to kill his own wife and son. This is a very creepy hotel, old and massive and very much possessed by demons. There was a murder that was committed there and it involved two red-headed little girls that would appear to Jack’s son, Danny. The other creepy part of this movie was that Danny had an imaginary friend named, Tommy. Tony would speak to Danny through Danny’s finger in a raspy, demonic voice. Right before Jack goes on his murderous rampage, Tony (Danny’s demon friend whose name was taken from his middle name) writes RED RUM (MURDER backwards) on the wall in red and he chants in his creepy voice over and over again.

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You don’t have to be Tyrion to get your ale-ments healed.

Lannister Golden Lion Blonde Ale T Shirt
This is the official drink of the House of Lannister. Now, you don’t have to be Jaime, Cersei Tyrion, Tywin, Kevan and Lancel or a member of the Lannister house to get your ale! You can go down to the local tavern (watering hole) wearing this shirt now and you will receive free Golden Lion Blonde Ale for the duration of your stay at the inn. Cersei and Jaime have concealed their relationship in conspiracy. They had a son, Joffrey and now he has ascended to the throne by claiming to be the son of the recently deceased, King Robert Baratheon. Lord Tywin is a key supporter of his reign in the War of the Five Kings.

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Columbia SteamPunk Air-City - Paradise in the Skies


Columbia – SteamPunk Air-City | Paradise in the Skies

If you’re going to Columbia, the great steampunk air-city in the sky, then make sure to wear a steam-powered watch on your wrist. Also make sure you bring your gas-powered mask so you can breathe up there in the sky where there is not very much atmosphere. You may also want to bring your cool black boots with the silver eye-holes and crazy buckles. You can make your own gas mask with some tips from this page:

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I May Be Crazy But At Least I Have Each Other

Another Internet cultural meme, inside joke, quirky t-shirt that has an association with a cat meme. Most of what I can find says, “I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other!” and features a cute kitty that looks crazy. You can see it in the eyes of that little milk drinking, schizo feline. This is like when I tell people that I know that I am not paranoid, it is just that everyone’s out to get me. People are obviously not out to get me but it sure seems that way and I am so glad that, “when I am alone, I am together.”

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POG Champion Hawaii

POG’s: A game, a juice, a fun way to trade cards

If you were a kid in the 1990’s, chances are you played POG. This is a game where you trade caps that came in bottles of a juice that was popularly called, POG (passion fruit, orange, guava). My wife made me try this when we went to Hawaii, the island of oahu. My younger cousins were POG experts at that time. This game had its origins in a game called Menko, a Japanese card game similar to pogs. People were playing Menko since the 1600’s! Yep, this was 1993… champions of the game of pog’s didn’t have to rely on slammers whammers or any other banned substances!

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Bacteria, It's the Only Culture Some People Have

Five Finger Tees discount 11.95 only
Some people have no culture and some are just simply very cultured with bacteria. These days, they sell yogurt with an abundance of bacteria (bifidus regularis) – what is that. Some made up name that sounds like a real name for bacteria but just works for marketing purposes. It makes people think that if they eat this product, they will be regular because of all this bacteria with the term, “regular” in its name. Just a bunch of bull. You are eating living organisms sweetened with sugar – with or without fruit at the bottom. Good deal on this shirt though :)

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Oh Crop from Five Finger Tees

Get this Oh Crop from Five Finger Tees
Oh crop, I just took your head off. Thankfully, I can hit ctrl + Z and undo that. I love geeky shirts like this with a funny quip. People get these right away when you’re walking around Disneyland. I always get grins, smiles and sometimes tiny harassment. T Shirts from Five Finger Tees are actually very reasonable, simple and hilarious. Funny Shirts for geeks, chics and preppy cheeks.

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