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Toro T Shirt

by on March 2, 2013


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There is something about bulls that I really like. This wispy strokes really adds the appeal of this design. The toro is always such a powerful looking creature, but there’s also a tragedy and vulnerability because of the bullfighting. A lot of powerful stuff going on with that animal, which evokes a great deal of feeling, which is always what I’m looking for in a tee design, whether it’s compassion, confusion, or dick joke laughter.

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Get This Shirt From Design By Humans

This might be my favorite tee at Design By Humans. I like the lines of the squarish spiral and the outline of the dude falling into the abyss of Time Travel. As we learned from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. That part of time travel can be nerve racking. I mean it’s a big deal to move you bodily molecules from one dimension in time to the next. Something certainly could go wrong.

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Get this Shirt From Five Finger Tees

There has to be a new one of these Keep Calm t-shirts every week. Now, if a Keep Calm comes on the scene it has to be real good to get any attention, and I think this one is that good. It’s a new perspective. Instead of bearing up under it, because we’re all going to get through together, this one goes the other way. Why sweat it since we’re all infected and we’re all going to die.

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Get this Tee from Tshirt Hell

This is awesome. Poking a little fun at ourselves as Americans. We’re getting really, really fat. Of course, it seems like there’s another large percentage of folks that are paying a lot of attention to being healthy, specifically 30-, 40-, and even 50- something mothers. They’re doing that Pilates and kickboxing, getting those toned butts and arms, and really keeping the median fat index at tolerable levels.

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276518 Dad T Shirt

by on March 1, 2013


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This one is supposed to be funny, because you normally see World’s #1 Dad on shirts, but this one has #276,518. As a father, I have to tell you, if I got this shirt from one of my kids, I’d be super happy, because how many dads are out there in the world? 3 billion? 7 billion? At 276,518 were talking upper 1% of the best dads in the world. I’ll take that! That’s not bad at all.

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Get This Tee from Tshirt Hell

It’s really pretty refreshing to have a shirt that honestly states something like this, because in reality it’s true. We are all part of the problem. We all have our issues and foibles. Our weaknesses hurt people. There are fears and insecurity. It’s just part of the deal of being human. Best thing you can do is understand and admit it, and then do your best to contribute to a solution.

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Get this Shirt from Tshirt Hell

Well, Tshirt Hell is really being transparent here. If you wear this t-shirt, you are just the opposite of dressed for success. If you pull out your wallet and spend your hard-earned money on this design, you will increase your chances of failure in life by 86%. By some fluke, you might buck the odds and still succeed even with this shirt, but that’s not likely.

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Get This Shirt from Tshirt Hell

You’ll ruin it for everyone if you cause a scene right here. You’ll ruin it for everyone if you piss in the punch bowl. You’ll ruin it for everyone if you fart incessantly watching Argo at the theater.

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Insecurity T Shirt

by on March 1, 2013


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This is a beautiful design. Wear it to a club or an event. People will come up to you all flustered and ask you to take care of the super drunk dude lifting up his shirt and asking people to lick his nipples. But, you, instead of confidently walking over there and talking care of the situation, tell the person that you really don’t think you can help. The person starts to be incredulous, because you’re paid for this, but then they look at your shirt again and notice it says Insecurity.

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Photo Credit: Alan Hahn

Here’s an article about Mike Woodson and the shirt, featuring his round face and magnificent goatee, that he is wearing.

Looks like it’s for sale on eBay.

This is a magnificent little piece of clothing. If you read the article, apparently, all of the New York Knick’s assistant coaches have taken to wearing this shirts to all the coaching jam sessions.

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Get This Shirt From Red Bubble

Oh my, the good Doctor is in trouble now. Those scary angel statues that turn you into stone have the box surrounded. More than that, they’re shaking the box. What’s the deal with those angels? If you blink or turn your back when they’re around, you’re dead. Kind of brutal. Now they have the phone box. You sure these aren’t devils?

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Doctor Pooh T Shirt

by on February 28, 2013


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Mashup. Mashup. Mashup. Winnie the Pooh and Doctor Who. When you mix ’em up in a blended you get a sinewy, bloody, hairy mess with a dash of cartoon bear. Just kidding, when you mash ’em up, like the kids are apt to do in the 10s, you get Doctor Pooh. Maybe it should be Doctor the Pooh. Nah, I’m not questioning this design. It’s right on the money.

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