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Not sure who these badass girls are but I wouldn’t want to mess with them. They have the big eyes of anime, so I’m guessing that’s where this one is coming from.

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What a beautiful horse pose and the addition of the feathers on the head and haunches, plus the handprint body paint is just very special. This design from Valerie Anne Kelly speaks to me on a very deep spiritual level. And you?

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Ah, so sweet. A D note on the piano that stands for dick. And when you put it all together: “She Wants the Dick.” It’s nice, as a man, to have someone that wants the D. It feels nice to be wanted in that way. At least, that’s what I ascertain from the different late night TV sitcoms that I watch on a regular basis.

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This may seem like cruel and unusual punishment but you don’t know what that damn bird did to warrant being executed at the crack of dawn. I mean you get a sense of the heartlessness of that raven (or is it a crow…everybody is afraid to ask) just by the way the cigarette sits on his beak, and the way he stands askance with his head turned away. Like he’s looking deep into the soul’s of the bloodthirsty audience. The blindfold can’t obstruct that kind of vision.

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Mr. Roshi is the wise dude in Dragonballz. His symbol, depicted on this shirt, is really cool looking, especially with the yellow and black color scheme.

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Ho! It’s a Community Tee. You remember the Delta Cubes. The fraternity that they were trying to start at a community college on this television programming. Chevy Chase. Annie Adderall. Am I right? Actually, the administrator did not want them to start the fraternity, but they persisted to hilarious ends.

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Somebody got a preview copy or saw a trailer because The Hangover 3 starring the lovely and talented Zach Galifianakis isn’t going to be released in theaters until May 24 according to my inside sources [].

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You remember all these fine quotes from the longest movie ever.

“I lost my way twice.”

“I don’t like green food.”

“More of a letter opener really.”

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Tremors!!! The Graboid was the Dirt Dragon in Tremors movie franchise and TV show. They were obviously nothing to mess with, which is clear on this design that offers a serious warning. If you’re into obscure early aught entertainment then this shirt was designed with you in mind. You’re welcome.

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Own Your Life T Shirt

by on March 20, 2013


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It’s not often that I run into a t-shirt design that appeals to me on two levels: the message and the design. This offering is certainly an exception because I love that gorilla with the crown, and I really need to work on the “own your life” part. You can’t just be tossed and turned by the tides of life, you need to get out there and take the hits and keep moving forward.

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It started as a series of novels. It exploded as a hit television show. And, now it’s an epic video game with the ultimate goal of seeing the major characters naked. No no. The aim is to destroy the other houses and loot, pillage, and plunder, and have the gnarliest beard and smelliest animal skins.

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Hey, look at that…a Game of Thrones T Shirt. You don’t see that everyday. Wait, you actually do, but this one is pretty darn clever. Not sure how the US Postal Service is going to like the design, since it’s basically an exact copy except for the words. Ah hell, they all watch and love the show as well, so no problem at all.

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