Cat and Mouse T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on April 30, 2012

That mouse got a little sassy and the damn cat figured it had had enough, so she jumped on the desk and did what cats do. Killed it. Cats are killing machines. They are built to kill and this mouse got what was coming to it. It was mocking the cat basically. Plus, who cares, the damn thing was obsolete. All the mouses now are wireless. That’s not really true I have have wired mice at both work and home, of course, I’m totally behind the times because I’m broke and live in my mother’s basement and when I say work, I mean my part-time janitor job and when I say my mouse at work, really I’m talking about the hardware on the desks that I dust. And no way, I don’t ever surf porn on those machines, because it’s against the rules and I need the job to pay rent.

That’s why you need this Cat and Mouse T Shirt by Snorg Tees.

Damn I’m persuasive when I got all real and shit.

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