Casey Anthony T Shirts Bamboozle Legal System

by on July 8, 2011

Not much more to say here that hasn’t already been said. Of course, it’s on the prosecution to make a compelling case with evidence, rather than hearsay and stories and innuendo, and the DA didn’t do this, even though the whole vibe was obviously Casey was guilty. Nonetheless, she’s a free woman, depending on how many months she has to do for lying to police or some BS charge like that.

Ha ha ha. Funny stuff right? Well, sometimes you turn to humor to process what is most heinous in the human condition. And, to voice what you perceive to be the truth. That’s what these shirts do. Oh, and OJ probably isn’t super happy about his crime being drudged up again, though he wasn’t doing such a good job of staying out of trouble.

American Gothic Casey Anthony OJ Simpson T Shirt

This is a spectacular design. Most creepy thing I’ve seen that didn’t involve bankers in a good couple of years.

Casey Anthony is Not Guilty T Shirt

Scales of justice a little askew in this case me thinks. Perhaps.

Casey Anthony OJ Simpson Casey and OJ Sitting in a Tree KILLING T Shirt

Then you have the nursery rhyme connecting the two murders that got off by some fancy defense lawyering and shoddy

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