Casey Anthony is Not Guilty T Shirt

by on July 7, 2011

Hey, how do you write the title of this Casey Anthony is Not Guilty T Shirt in the title of the blog post where they don’t allow cross outs. Nobody is going to know what this shirt is really about, but I guess that makes for more of a gotcha moment. Anyway, this case has received massive media attention. Probably about 98% more than it should, especially with the economy tanking for real this time without enough grease in the printing press to keep up with the implosion. With politics, Wall St., and corporation riddled with corruption, we put all of our “hard hitting” reporters on a single murder case.

We have one Matt Taibbi exposing as much malfeasance as he can, and 32 thousand “reporters” thinking that they’re really doing work with this grisly case, which in the grand scheme of things means absolutely jack shit, except for a small circle of people in Florida.

Wait, I’m supposed to be selling you on the virtues of this shirt from Deez Teez. Yes, fight against injustice, rail against a broken system. OJ and Casey were both obviously guilty and the justice system couldn’t figure out how to put them away.

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