Carpe Diem – Seize the Carp Shirt

by on January 30, 2010

Sometimes the intelligencia takes itself a little too seriously and likes to create the artificial barrier of knowledge to separate themselves from the common folk. This is why I applaud this shirt that has taken the time to explain what all that latin goobledegook means in English.

I mean you hear this carpe diem all the time ever since Dead Poet’s Society rocked the silver screen, but did anyone really know what it meant. I know there was a general vibe of getting shit done, so my 6th grade education got me that far, but with this shirt spelling out in no uncertain terms I can really grasp the finer points of the message. Yes, seize the carp. The eagle is hungry. The eagle is in a cold-blooded, straight dive to claw this fish from a swirling eddy.

This just brings it to life, gives it richer meaning. My only issue is that the fish on the shirt looks more like a small mouth bass, but, hey, I can overlook the details when these shirt people have been so generous to shed some light on this situation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m moved to get Carpe Diem – Sieze the Carp Tshirt today.

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