Caps Lock Preventing Login Since 1980 T Shirt

by on April 18, 2011

Who the hell was logging in since 1980? I guess there were computer programs back in those dark ages, and I guess they had password protected applications, so I guess maybe this absurd Caps Lock Preventing Login Since 1980 T Shirt is strangely accurate. How pissed have you been at a site or program that wasn’t allowing you to enter because your login was right, except that you had caps lock on and it was clearly your fault. How many bad things did you say about the application’s programmer and his mother, before you realized it was your error. And, was there still a sense of it was the login functionality’s fault rather than your own in some one and that it was a sub-par user experience. And how many times have you thrown the lap top against the bay window shattering both to pieces.

What I’m the only one? The rest of you just realize your mistake and move on. I don’t believe it. I don’t think Split Reason would have put out this tee if that was the case.

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