MC Hammer Math Equation Can’t Touch This T Shirt

by on September 3, 2009

cant-touch-this-equation-tee-shirtMC Hammer would be rolling in his grave if he saw this shirt. I mean his shit was pure feeling and rhythm and movement. Not graph paper and equations, horned rimmed glasses and slide rules. Actually, now that I think about it. Parachute pants and diagonally cut sleeves are pretty mathematical and, when I write the word “slide” all I can think of his Hammertime moves. So…Mr. Hammer is probably smiling down upon us.

Now, Rick James on the other hand…totally pissed MC H is getting all the glory while he’s the one that laid down the Super Freak track.

All of this important discourse adds up to one thing. Buy the shirt RIGHT NOW: Can’t Touch This Tee Shirt.

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