Candy Wang: Clothing Accessories Supplier

by on September 13, 2010

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give a shout out to my email buddy, Candy Wang. Candy is a clothing accessories supplier, who wants to do business with me. I’m not in the market for this offer, but I thought I’d help Candy Wang out and share this opportunity with my readers. Here’s the email:

Message: We are manufacturer of clothing accessories in China, our products are including:
–Emrboidered patches: Embroidery patches in various sizes and custom designs as per your needs.Usually our patches can be used on garment, uniforms, caps, jackets and whatever you needs.
–Custom caps: Baseball caps, Golf caps,Castro, Beanies, Knitted hats, Visros,Trucker Caps, New Era hats, and other caps with special options as per your needs and design ideas.
–Scarves: We can offer beautiful scarves in superior quality, with excellent emrboidery and workmanship, our scarves are hot welcomeed by many clients and very popular in oversea market.
–T-shirts: T-shirts, polo shirts, sports shirts, logo shirts and other styles as per the customer’s custom design ideas.
–Other items: we mainly produce clothing accessories so we can also provide other items such as table fabric, headwrap, bags and so on.

If you’re in need of this type of merchandise please contact Candy Wang.

Most of the time I’m hustling funny t shirts, but every once in a while I do a favor for someone like Candy Wang.

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