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by on January 25, 2013


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“The Score is Still Q to 12.” It still blows my mind that some random comic strip from 25 years ago resonates with the youth of today. Calvin & Hobbes was okay but it wasn’t spectacular. Or maybe I’m just not a comic strip guy. Anyways, I still see Calvin pissing on bumpers, and now we have Hobbes showing off his sporting skills on this fine t-shirt.

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Emily November 14, 2013 at 10:42 pm

I must disagree. Calvin and Hobbes was spectacular. That’s why it still “resonates with the youth of today” as you wrote. Thing is, though, the amazing thing about Calving and Hobbes is that it’s a comic strip that not only the young can read but also the middle aged and the old because what makes it spectacular is the fact that it makes you fee like a kid again, at least it does for me. Maybe I’m biased, who knows, but even if you’re not a comic strip guy you should at least try to read Calvin and Hobbes.


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