California Chillin’ T Shirt

by on April 27, 2012

California Chillin T ShirtI love this chillin’ state no doubt. He’s got an excellent orange beverage that he’s flippin’ around a little loosely, he’s got the orange frames on the shades, and he’s got the orange flip flops. Good stuff. I really identify with the dude on this California Chillin’ T Shirt. And, it’s a perfect thing to pick up as the weather warms up.

And here’s the bonus: It’s a tank top. Perfect clothing for Spring and Summer. Get prepared to look comfortable and good with this design from Headline Shirts.

The shape of California is really conducive to this type of artwork. Long and curved. Looks really good sitting in a chair. Can you imagine one of those boxy states like Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, sitting in a chair. That wouldn’t work at all. Plus, none of those states have the ocean which is crucial if you really want to be chillin’ in the true essence of the word.

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