Cake Plus Pie T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on May 14, 2012

Can’t all the desserts just get along. Does there always have to be a winner and a loser? Is it always a zero sum game? These are the questions the designer of this Cake Plus Pie T Shirt asked herself, and after lots of deep soul searching, decided that the classic argument didn’t have to be an argument at all.

Enjoy both. Have both. Live and love. It’s life. Actually, if you stuffed too much of that kind of food you’d probably get Type-2 diabetes in a week, but you know what I’m saying. The other thing is that neither the cake nor the pie look organic. The colors are too fakey to be natural, so you’re talking about red food coloring and maraschino cherries, which are just flat bad for you.

But, look at me…I’ve just lost the spirit of the message Snorg Tees was trying to pass along and for that I apologize. Stuff your fat face you freak!

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