Billy Mays Tribute But Wait There’s More T Shirt

by on January 12, 2010

Aaaaah. A fitting tribute to the ultimate upsell salesman, who hit his head on the overhead baggage carrier on a flight and died. Or did he choke on a chicken sandwich? No, that was Mama Cass. I get those two mixed up all the time. Anyway, I miss the man for his grating voice and slick-backed here and of course, his black beard.

Admit it. You’ll miss the totally annoying dude and you want the world to know that you miss him. Yes? Oui? Si? Then, go ahead pull out your wallet…I ain’t jokin’…pull it out NOW! Pull out that favorite credit card, yeah, the one you actually made a payment on in the last couple of months. Now, go get yourself some Mays memorabilia: But Wait There’s More Billy Mays Tribute Tee Shirt.

Truth is what really killed him was huffing OxiClean fumes. And, his nasty little habit of chewing sticks of Mighty Putty. But, wait there’s more…his liquid lunches, and massive appetite for homemade sliders put a hurt on his insides. Don’t believe me. Check out some of these inexplicable drunken blunders.

Hits his head on the tub:

Can’t control the sander the creates artificial wear on new floors:

Here’s an overdub that is ridiculous. “Wait, what is that cat food?”

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