Busted Tees Semi-Annual Super Sale

by on June 21, 2009

Hey…I’m totally late on this deal. Times a wasting. Jump on this now, because the sale ends today at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. 111 different shirts for only $11.00 over at Busted Tees. This is a sweet deal and this isn’t just a U-Haul full of shit from Aunt Gertrude that they’re trying to unload. Some of my favorite shirts are being offered up in this deal:

  • Kevin spelled out in bacon
  • The Pope wearing his shovel hat saying “My Other Hat is Also Retarded
  • Yachts of Fun
  • Make Up Sex is Worth Fighting For…see you wear this shirt every time the heat as cooled and you’re ready to make up. Works everytime.
  • Sweatshops…Another Day, another dollar.
  • Plus, Swayze (respect), Jersey, Missouri, Oklahoma, beer pong, mustaches, burritos, Santa Claus, GILF

I’m way too lazy to drop thumbnails of all these shirts in here, so you’ll have to go check out the Busted Tees $11.00 Super Sale page yourself.

The Busted Tees is something to sees.

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