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by on May 17, 2012

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Ah, nice shirt from the Loyalist Collection over at Busted Tees. There will never be a better team than the Dream Team that represented the United States in the 1992 Olympics. Incredible amount of talent, including Michael Jordan in his prime, Charles Barkley, Magic and Bird finishing up their careers, and a very effective Patrick Ewing.

Have you heard about the legendary practice that team ran, where Jordan was exerting his Alpha Dog, and Magic wasn’t quite ready to let go, so they split up sides and went at it hard. Real hard. Best game of basketball ever. That’s what they say.

Anyways, nice to think of this team as Olympic season comes upon us. The 2012 version of the Olympic team will probably be very special as well, since the league is loaded. But, nothing will touch the original Dream Team.

Remember the greats with this 1992 Dream  Team T Shirt.

Like corny soundtrack type music and grainy footage of dunks from International gymnasiums? Then, you probably need to make time for this:

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