Bud Toker Cannabis All Star T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on February 16, 2012

I have always liked the look of the Converse All Star patch logo on the side of the high tops. Looks real cool as do the shoes. So, of course, I’m a big fan of this Cannabis All Star T Shirt as well. I don’t do a lot of the weed smoking, but I can appreciate a pro pot shirt, if only for the subversive nature of it. It’s like a colorful, eye-appealing dissenting voice against the War on Drugs, and the incarceration of thousands and thousands of people for victimless crimes.

RIDICULOUS. If you’re a Bud Toker and still have extra cash even after buying that expensive, hairy shit, then you should probably deeply consider purchasing this tee to further the cause. I do like the idea of an All Star in the ways of the marijuana. Kind of quaint.

Mouseman designed this and you can pick it up at a reasonable price at Red Bubble.

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