Broke Big Bird T Shirt

by on October 6, 2012

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The fucking audacity to suggest cutting PBS to save the government money, when Wall St. is flat out raping the country in broad daylight. Let me break this down. These fucking welfare corporations can make absolutely ridiculous bets on shady financial products with not a care in the world, because if the bet fails, the government backstops it, and uses taxpayer money to make these horrible people at these insidious corporations whole again, because lord this country couldn’t survive without these depraved leeches.

Romney suggested cutting Big Bird, which almost makes me want to vote because punching him in the face would get me in trouble. Nah, I ain’t voting, because that’s a fools errand, but still…I got close for a hot second.

Oh, and I like the design. A destitute, ungroomed, pan handling Big Bird is pretty funny.

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