British People Mind the Gap Tshirt

by on November 2, 2008

I have a little English in me and guess what. I have the gap, as did my dad and sisters. Of course, they all got braces and I didn’t. So, I’m keepin’ it real with the gap and the roller coaster molars. Isn’t it strange how different people are known for different body characteristics?

I don’t particularly worry about my gap, but I’m guessing I’ve effectively removed myself from the running for about 92% of the ladies. Most, I’m sure, like good, straight teeth. The incredible flatulence issue, which I’ve come to live with probably keeps the rest of ’em away. Dogs like me though, so we’re cool.

I’m celebrating this shirt as only a gapped-tooth goofus can. And, hip hip hooray for the UK and their tolerance of teeth the way god intended them.

Oh, and they also mind the gap in the Underground, cause there is a bit of space between the platform and the train entrance. That’s where you get the double meaning and the hilarity. Along with the distinctive sign, you get a recorded voice constantly telling you to “mind the gap.” Maybe they could have built the tubes better? Or actually, that’s just crazy. And what’s a guy with a gap between his front teeth know anyway.

Get the British People Mind the Gap tshirt and people will totally know you’re cosmopolitan.

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Michael H September 18, 2011 at 4:21 pm

Gap or no gap Booker Addison strikes me as the type of john some drunk thong talkin prossie would hit up at a bus stop at 7 in the morning. He’d have had a long night with the 12-year old cheerleaders and he’d be too spent to have anything left for the prossie no matter how sweet she talked him. But she wouldn’t talk sweet, she’d be crackd out or coked up or she’d pass out in the middle of workin for the backstage pass. Not that Booker would dictate head for a backstage pass. Maybe George Clinton would be there with those ribbons in his hair and he’d take the pross off Bookers hands. Am I right? everybody say haaaaay.

Anyways the reason I’m here is me and my buddies and are going to London with two hot chicks. Igoggled British teeth and Landed here. Had to get this shirt to piss off all them cockney mfers with their princess Catherine and fairy William royal blood bullsh*t. Shit this is long. Shipping better be short we leave on friday


Booker Addison September 18, 2011 at 4:39 pm

@crazy Michael – hate to burst your bubble but unfortunately, this shirt has been discontinued. But don’t fret, PM me and we can put our heads together and come up with 99 ways to piss off any stuck up Brits you run into. BTW, congrats on the hot chicks you snatched for the trip. That’s the key to enjoyable travel. Now, about that other stuff…you been smokin’ crack with big George, ‘cuz you’re comin’ off a little crazy or slightly unhinged or somthing?


Michael H September 18, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Sorry Im still jacked up on sh*t from my sister’s cabinet but I’ll be cool soon. Got the out of stock email so I’ll PM to see what else they got. I still need a shirt but I have less anxiety and I feel like I’ve reached agitation curtailment.


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