Bring In the Relief Pitcher T Shirt

by on February 6, 2011

My thought is who cares about the Super Bowl, let’s do a shirt that has a little wordplay involving beer and baseball. Actually, I don’t care about the baseball either, but that really doesn’t matter either. Everybody knows what a relief pitcher is and everybody has been at the bar and needed another pitcher, so this Bring in the Relief Pitcher T Shirt is very relevant, and I’m sure much in demand.

Deez Teez knows this is a great shirt to wear when you go out drinkin’. Basically, you can ask your bar keep for another pitcher the first few rounds, but after that all you really need to do is point at the shirt, and that is an amazing energy saver. You can use all the reserves in the tank for ogling the large breasted women with the biggest hair, whom fate has decided to bring to the same place at the same time as yourself.

Drink, ogle and be merry!

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