Brett Favre Got Lonely in the Big City

by on November 15, 2010

I’d be remiss if I didn’t put a post together about this Brett Favre debacle. I mean I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and it’s practically my duty to hang on every word in the media about the allegations that Favre tried to bed Jenn Sterger, and used text messages and images of his schlong to lure her to his hotel room.

Got to hand it to the guy. He knows how to stay relevant and create a buzz. Good for him. His skills are eroding and he’s becoming irrelevant on the field, but he’ll still go out with a bang with the horny dog allegations and the alleged photos of the dong.

Get the latest at Deadspin.

Anybody got any opinion on Mr. Favre? What about Jenn? Should she have blown out this story? She’s a bit of an opportunist, using a low cut shirt and a horny cameraman at a Florida State game to gain notoriety. Good for her too, I suppose. Both of these folks are good theater and they’re giving the people what they want. Why not? Life’s short.

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