Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg – Have you seen him?

by on June 3, 2013

Breaking Bad's Heisenberg - Have you seen him
I was just speaking with my buddy, Anthony about this show the other night. He said it was about a chemistry teacher that decided to make some real money by manufacturing meth in his bathtub. Only, his meth is superior in quality to all other meth because he is a perfectionist chemist with a passion for purity. So much so that the Mexican Mafia is trying to recruit him to work for them. Any group that murders people without batting an eye and then erects small monuments to Santa Muerte (Holy Death) has got to be a very caring and compassionate employer. Make sure you negotiate your severance pay in advance though because it is typically going to be something like a nice wooden room with no windows, 6 feet below ground. There is no funnier topic for a show than mr. square turned crooked by the allure of money only to find out that the drug scene isn’t all it is ‘cracked’ up to be.

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