BRB Jesus ‘a Comin’ Back T Shirt

by on September 5, 2009

BRB tshirt jesus a comin back BRB Jesus a Comin Back T Shirtbuy tshirt button2 BRB Jesus a Comin Back T ShirtNever quite seen Jesus look like this. Kind of a longish nose and a definite sneer, like it’s all planned out m-f’ers. You got me this time, but I’ll Be Right Back (BRB). Get it. And, hell, it’s gonna be sooner than later the way things are goin’. Don’t believe the green shoots nonsense, the economy has much further to sink…perhaps to a point of sanity and equilibrium.

I believe the money changers will get knocked on their ass before a the mortgage lenders will let that corny townhouse free fall to a reasonable, affordable price.

If the Aztec spirits can’t fix it by 2012, Jesus sure’s shootin’ can and he will. Show God’s son you believe and are ready by wearin’ BRB Jesus t shirt.

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