Boy Deer 1 Plus 2 Equals Naughty T Shirt

by on April 3, 2011

I have absolutely no idea what this 1+2=Naughty T Shirt means or is trying to say. I have nothing. You have some math. You have some totally random. You have a deer and a boy. You have a slight hint of bestiality. Or maybe a kid bringing home a wild animal to domesticate, which is naughty. There’s a little bit of threesome in there, because there’s the one (some dude), plus two (some hot bi-curious chicks) equals some naughty, naughty times.

I think that’s where Polly and Crackers is trying to go with this. Celebration of threesome with a boy and deer to obfuscate the message so the Religious Right doesn’t come and burn down their beautiful office space.

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