Bored to Death Super Ray T Shirt

by on January 3, 2012

You don’t see a fully bearded super hero very often now do you? It’s quite refreshing, which is why you need to own the Super Ray T Shirt. You will refresh 5 out of 6 people that you meet, and that’s a good percentage and worth so much more you’re going to pay to Busted Tees for them to deliver your size to your door.

Of course, if you watch Bored to Death on HBO, you’ll know that character Ray Hueston, created this comic character, who got his powers while walking down the street after eating bad food. I can trust everything Wikipedia says about this. Right?

BTW – You know what I really like about Wikipedia right now? They have this fundraiser going on and there’s always a picture of someone they’re using to help scare up some bread and it’s a bright color portrait, which really stands out on the drab wikipedia, so when you look up something like Super Ray, you have the picture–in this instance it’s Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner–and the name Super Ray right below. So, the reader’s first thought is, that doesn’t like like Super Ray, but maybe he shaved and is really effeminate.

Anyways, Busted Tees put this one together to impress the ladies with their ability to draw an awesome beard.

Wait, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Schwartzman in the same show and I don’t watch this thing. I love those guys. Wait, I never watch TV. I might have to start.

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