Booty Bumps Say No T Shirt

by on March 31, 2011

Not exactly sure what this means but I’m going to try and work out where I think this Booty Bumps Say No T Shirt. Dig if you will a picture of you and me engaged in a dance off in the club. Maybe it’s teams. We’re doing some sweet break dancing. Pop locking. Kicks and spins. Maybe we’re taking turns. My turn then yours. Maybe to indicate that I’m done with my set, I sidle up to your side and swing my ass to the side so it hits your ass. Your turn. Booty Bump. Maybe it’s an overused move. Maybe it has been determined by the taste makers that it’s just not an aestetically pleasing movement. Whatever, this shirt from Polly and Crackers is telling you not to do it.

Find something else. Do some pop lock then do the point and then the other person does the same and you touch finger tips. Or maybe just a high five in rhythm.

Or maybe this is a shirt against butt zits. I don’t really know. Figure it out yourself. Okay, 16 seconds of Youtube research has revealed that booty bump is also a hula hoop move and an ass shaking movement that seems to simulate copulation.

Think you need to be logged in to see this one:

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