Boondock Saints Veritas Aequitas T Shirt

by on March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Truth and justice. This shirt celebrates the very great movie Boondock Saints. You got the prayer, the church, the Irishness, and the Catholic pageantry. The Veritas Aequitas T Shirt is probably the perfect tee to feature on St. Patty’s Day with all that crazy mix of angel and devils and good and evil and saints and sinners that comes with delving deep in the Catholic church, a bottle of booze, and the Irish psyche.

Did you like the movie? Have you seen the sequel? I have not, and I’m not sure I want to. It gets hammered on Rotten Tomatoes, although some of the critics pan the first one and that’s not cool, because the first one was good. Someone with some taste please guide me in this dilemma.

Deez Teez liked the movie and that may be all I need to trust my instincts on this one.

I know it’s too late to wear funny Saint Patrick’s Day t shirts tonight, but maybe you feel so overcome with St. Patty’s Day revelry that you’d like to commemorate it with a purchase of shirts so you can remember this excellent day you are having.

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