Boomerangs: They’re Making a Comeback T shirt

by on June 3, 2009

boomerangs-theyre-making-a-comeback-tshirtIt’s true man. There’s a boomerang association. And boomerang all stars, and boomerangs in China (when a sport makes it there, it has ARRIVED). Boomerangs are just for your goofy 70s uncles any more. They’re back in vogue big time.

Oh wait. This is a play on words. Oh…I totally get it now. Kind of flew over my head, just missed the wall at the back of the room and then collared me on the neck.

Anyways, Boomerangs: They’re making a comeback is a great tshirt. Very hilarious and you should get it before the damn things fall out of the zeitgeist (am I using that word properly?).

Threadless works it hard…too the max.

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