Blues Brothers 106 Miles to Chicago T Shirt

by on July 10, 2011

106 miles to Chicago and we are still wearing sunglasses: Convicts, Criminals, Crusaders, Curse on society…hail all of them for their deeds. Well, how could you do that? But, where there is will, there is a way to go.

I hope it isn’t getting difficult for you to swallow that too easily. Think of a criminal who is somehow associated with god, succeeds to pay for his crimes, are you ready to praise him now? You would surely do, if he turns out to be a remedy for those unsympathetic evils who want to destruct an orphanage.

This is what our “cute” criminals are going to do by raising a sum of $5000 for an orphanage which is drowning in hefty debts. This is how you could support them by wearing their Blues Brothers 106 Miles to Chicago T-shirt.

Let them be a crisp of chocolate chips in your ice cream. Admire them for what they are doing coz they might be the next one to perform in your backyard. Kudos to them. Are you gonna risk their magnificence? I am sure you would certainly do it. Hurry up while stocks last. Play till your fingers bleed, set the drums on fire because “Blues Brothers” are sure to take you higher.

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