Blood Drive Vampires T Shirt

by on February 11, 2011

Look at the cute vampires stealing blood from a blood drive that was organized to collect blood to save people’s lives who have lost too much of the precious life-giving stuff. How so very adorable. Then, those little vampires will grow up to be big vampires that pray on innocent people and suck their blood and force them into the miserable life of the undead.

Just kidding this Blood Drive Vampires T Shirt is funny and delightful and will make you happy every time you wear it, if you don’t really go to deep into the details of what vampires are.

Snorg Tees knows vampires are huge. You know they’re huge. You are probably compelled to get this shirt, because vampires have like some special cultural attraction right now that can’t be resisted. You live in this time and place and you are subject to these sorts of impulses. Embrace it. Get the shirt.

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