Blade Runner Tyrell Genetic Replicants T Shirt

by on September 1, 2011

More human than human. Love that tagline. Blade Runner…good movie? Not so good? Harrison Ford…good actor? Not so good? I actually liked Blade Runner and Ford’s work in the film, which is why I highly recommend the Tyrell Genetic Replicants T Shirt.

I find it interesting that there’s a Warner Bros. website for a 29-year-old movie, especially since according to IMDB it lost half a million dollars ($28 million to make and $27.5 gross).

And, the final thing I’m going to say is Phillip K. Dick is a great name, and God rest his soul, that’s some science fiction I can get down with and actually read straight through. Not a lot of that type of literature around in my book (ha ha ha…my book, literature). Anyways, you love Dick or Ford or Blade Runner, so you definitely need this tee.

Five Finger Tees Review in case you’re not sure about a company that sells shirts so inexpensively.

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