Blackmail The Hobby That Pays T-Shirt

by on July 28, 2010

Hey, who let the cat out of the bag. I’ve been basically printing money with this “business” for years. All it involves is a decent point and shoot camera, a 19-year old buxom blonde with a slight lisp, and any number of horny middle aged men driving sporty red vehicles.

But, now, the competition goes way up since someone stupidly decided to put Blackmail The Hobby that Pays on a Tshirt. Why? Why? Keep it to yourself. Enjoy the sparse competition. I suppose some folks like fame over fortune and will do anything to receive adulation from the masses…even killing their cash cow.

Oh well, I always have my backup hobby of writing bad checks to keep the lights on and the kids fed. We’ll just have to scrimp a bit, which may just well be good for us. See that. I turned the bad news around and looked at it in a positive light.

Snorg Tees sucks. They just gave away the secret to my most lucrative stream of income. Off to plan B because of those punks.

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