Bitch Betta Have My Hunny T Shirt

by on October 12, 2010

Winnie the Pooh is a pimp, his payment is honey. He speaks in ebonics. He wears pimp purple, and a big P for Pooh belt buckle. A couple of concerning things: One, Is that Tigger fur he’s wearing – did Winnie really fall of the deep end that far and kill his buddy just for style. Two, speaking to women like that is totally offensive. Owning them and using them to sell their bodies for a money is cool, but that language, come on Pimp Pooh.

If you’re a complete degenerate like the folks at T Shirt Hell, you may enjoy owning and perhaps even wearing Bitch Betta Have My Hunny T Shirt.

It’s not for me, but you might have different (re: horrible) tastes. Enjoy!

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