Birds T Shirt

by on May 16, 2011

I don’t think this Birds T Shirt is referencing the horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, but I guess you can’t be sure. It doesn’t feel as creepy and scary as that movie. Those birds don’t seem to be after anybody, but maybe that’s the kind of thinking that got the people in the movie in trouble. At first it was like oh look at that cute bird to oh my that’s quite an impressive flock of birds to oh my god that gaggle of birds is attacking me and I’m missing an eye. So, be careful with this tee. It might be the beginning of something dastardly. You never can tell.

However, on the surface, it looks like 604 Republic put together a really cool looking design. I absolutely love the blue, green and white vertical striping with the dark bird silhouette’s flying through.

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