Bingebot Tshirt

by on February 5, 2010

This is one of those special humor shirts that makes you laugh simply because the design so randomly goofy/funny. Looks like Tommy the Tank Engine gave up getting up that hill and, instead, decide to have some elective surgery, adding a Dr. Who reject electronic gadget part as a new body here, and dryer vent accordion tubing as arms and legs there, plus Mickey Mouse’s gloves and some Hush Puppies. He started hitting the Hollywood party circuit and became a martini maven. Always an olive, and always more than two.

Now, he’s known in celebrity circles as Bingebot and don’t think that sentiment has gotten back to him. The spots on his head where his ears should be are burning. He’s mad…and, of course, that fuels the bender. Some brave interventionist have tried to push the off button but Tommy ain’t a slouch in keepin’ his binge drink button on. He’ll kick you in the teeth to keep the booze flowing.

Anyways…that’s why I like this shirt more than my pet cat and why you should buy BingeBot Tee right now.

Social commentary with an edge, yeah we’re talking about you Lindsey…what? To soon? Can we get a ruling Headline Shirts. Oh, Dennis Hopper died not Lindsey Lohan. I’m totally confused.

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