Bigfoot is Phony T Shirt

by on November 9, 2010

Nice little wordplay, along with image play here. You have the whole notion that bigfoot isn’t real, which is the same thing as calling him a phony. But, you get the added touch of bigfoot dressed up like a douchebag in Kanye glasses, BlueTooth headset, shortsleeve button down shirt, and a hard-to-miss ring, slicked back long hair, and a serious moustache, and you have a nice little humor double play. Of course, I’m not sure what’s wrong with the burly Hulk Hogan moustache from back in the day, but if that’s Busted Tees definition of a phony dude, then I’m going to go with them. Are you?

What about this Bigfoot is Phony T Shirt? You gonna buy one or not. It’s pretty funny and if you know people that dress like that it makes it doubly important that you wear this shirt in their presence at all times. Plus, you’ll probably get called Yeti or Sasquatch and that’s cool.

I, of course, chose the image of the model to show this shirt, but unfortunately, you can’t really see the shirt well, so here’s a close up. I still don’t regret using the model image. I will always use that model’s images, just ‘cuz she’s spectacular.

Not sure why, but I keep thinking of David Koechner in the underrated little comedy with Luke Wilson, called, let me think, Tenure (just kidding I just looked it up on IMDB). He’s great as a Professor specializing in the study of bigfoot.

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