Bigfoot Hide and Seek Champion T Shirt

by on December 6, 2010

Good ol’ Sasquatch started a game of hide seek with a couple of his little buddies like 50 years ago. They could never find him, so they gave up, but he kept playing. They grew up and did the things that all Big Foot’s do. Hide out in the special forest with the rest of their kind. No humans ever make it that deep into the woods so they are safe. There’s about 80 of the hairy man like creatures. They average 9 feet tall. But, poor ol’ “Bigfoot” never got the message, so he’s still out there playing. He has moments where he sort of wants to get caught, so he lets himself be seen, but the hairless freaks carrying guns and driving cars freak him out.

He will probably never be found, but, unfortunately, he probably will never find the Sasquatch City. Sad. All proceeds from the sale of Bigfoot Hide and Seek Champion T Shirt go to trying to get him to understand the game is over. Snorg Tees has generously pledged this wonderful gift.

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