Employee of the Month T Shirt from Big Time Teez

by on January 5, 2012

I love this Employee of the Month T Shirt. It’s such a beautiful idea to wear this one to your job, because of the confusion that will ensue. Your boss will think to herself, when did we start doing this? I don’t remember that meeting or email. Did they announce it at staff day? Or was it at the weekly roundtable meeting. God there’s too much to keep track of around here.

Wait, wouldn’t I be the person to choose who gets the Employee of the Month, because there’s no way in hell I would have chosen him. He’s nearly useless, except that he makes decent coffee. Ha ha…that’s probably why HR gave him that shirt…so he’ll keep brewing that early afternoon pot.

Great shirt from a tee shop that boasts a wide selection: Big Time Teez. Check ’em out! Now! Right Now! Go!

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