Big Lebowski Urban Achievers 420 Jersey

by on August 5, 2011

Dude! This shirt is perfect to wear when you’re, you know, occupying various administrative buildings. It’s the kind of shirt that feels comfortable enough to wear while sitting on your bean-bag chair, but fashionable enough to wear to a job interview (DISCLAIMER: You will not be able to get a job while wearing this shirt).

Let’s face it together: everyone wants to be the Dude, but this Urban Achievers 420 Jersey t shirt is the closest anyone’s going to get, except for Matthew McConaughey who is great at sitting around not doing anything important.

And if you’re not into the whole “The Dude” thing, then get this shirt cause it has a large number on it. I can’t remember if 420 has some other meaning, but then I’m a huge pothead so memory’s not my strong suit.

Whether you’re just going out bowling, fighting off German Nihilists, or just takin’ it easy for the rest of us, this shirt is for you.

Fun Fact: TV Store Online is staffed solely by Mr. Lebowski’s Junior Achievers.

All The Big Lebowski T Shirts that are fit to print.

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