Becoming a Vegetarian is a Big Missed Steak T Shirt

by on January 24, 2011

Nice little play on words here. Let’s not forget big roasted chicken and big grilled bratwurst. Oh wait, they doesn’t quite have the wordplay angle we’re looking for. Still, I’m super happy there are vegetarians in the world because that lessens the demand for meat, which reduces methane gas, and cow pie runoff, and chicken shit piles, and leaves more meat for me. Of course, I’m a snob and only eat hormone free, free range, grass-fed, clean meat, which is much more humane (as much as treating a creature nice prior to killing them and eating them can be), and more healthy.

Anyways, yes, I’m a big meat eater and so are you, which is why you need the Becoming a Vegetarian is a Big Missed Steak T Shirt.

Snorg Tees which side their bread is buttered and meat braised. I have no idea what that means. Sorry.

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