Bears Are Dangerous T Shirt

by on October 13, 2008

That boy scout is getting whatfor from that mama bear, because he didn’t head rule #1. Bears are dangerous. Do not feed them. Keep away from them. He went up there and was trying to be friendly with cubs, offering a few Chicken in a Biskit Snack Crackers and all of a sudden mama bear comes out all pissed, ‘cuz she doesn’t think those crackers are very natural or good for her kid cubs and happy-go-lucky boy scout is run off.

Not without first receiving a very nasty gash right across his face, which will not heal well and will be somewhat disfiguring and make him pretty much miserable 83% of the time he is awake. Of course, then he parlays the pain and suffering and tough look into a reality show appearance, which is his foot in the Hollywood door. And all of a sudden he’s getting “that guy” tough guy roles in all kinds of action and adventure and mobster films. So all in all it works out pretty good for the little guy, but really this story is in no way a suggestion that you should go hang with the bears. They may seem fluffy, but really their fur is kind of stiff and prickly, so it’s not really even worth it.

You saw Herzog’s Grizzly Man. I don’t need to go further on this do I?

OK, share the knowledge and buy this Bears are dangerous tshirt with every intention of wearing it wherever young kids congregate.

Everything you wanted to know about Busted Tees but were afraid to ask.

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