Beard Heads by Beardhead: Get that Lumberjack Look With Winter Mask

by on February 12, 2011

I’m willing to wager that at least as many little boys fantasize about being a lumberjack, than wish to be an astronaut, or professional athlete, or fireman combined. Are you kidding? Carry an ax. Grow to be like 40 feet tall like John Bunyan. Have a pet blue ox. Cut trees down. Maybe have a chain saw. Wear flannel. Eat the biggest stacks of pancakes. Where the gnarliest, biggest, beastiest boots. And, of course, where a burly beard and ‘stache.

Trouble is you have to be born with certain skills to make it in specialized professions, and lumber jacking is no different. You have to be able to grow a massive beard. And guess what? Not everybody can do this. Some people are facial hair deficient and that’s a sad thing, when in their hearts they know they were born to jack lumber. But, once again creative minds have come to the rescue. Beardheads are special knit caps with a little extra awesome. The have beard and mustache along with the head covering, so now you can qualify for the lumberjack association, even if you’re a girl or fuzz faced young person, or even an older gentleman that can only come up with the whispy stuff.

Now, you can just slide a Beard head over your real head, and now your face is warm and you have the look. Comes in gray, black, brown and blonde. What no red? Snorg Tees should really offer red ones. I mean that’s really lumberjack. I’d say 67% of lumberjacks are gingers. Am I right? Don’t worry about being hot as shit in the summer. You can quit your de-forestation career by then.

Well, this product isn’t really a t shirt, but it’s funny and it’s offered by a tshirt retailer, so I had to let you know about it.

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