Beard Growth Chart Tshirt

by on June 8, 2010

This is a terrific shirt. Makes me want to start growing a gnarly Grizzly Adams beard. At least a Zach Galifianakis face warmer. From the looks of it you have your work cut out for you to reach the end of the ruler. It’s a nice touch that they offered the measurement in both centimeters and inches.

Of course, I don’t want to be a sexist naysayer, but I’m guessing the blonde is going to fail miserably at the beard growing endeavor. Again, sorry, but men are just better than women at some things.

The only way this shirt is useful with the longest beard in the world is by sewing like 17 of them together. At that point you might start looking silly with 7 shirts dragging behind you. You’d need help like a bride and her train. Then again, you’re already making these sorts of decisions and adjustments if you have a ridiculously long beard.

This sikh dude was hopeful in 2008 with his 2.36 meter beard…not sure if he ever made it into the book.

And, I guess there is an entry for longest beard on a woman, so I guess, once again, I was too quick to judge that tshirt model. And, here’s a very inspiring message for the women about just being themselves and letting the beard grow. Amen. She’s gonna need to do a little work to make use of the Beard Ruler Growth Chart Tshirt though.

And, here’s a mohawk girl with a beard;

Wait…how did I get on this women with beards tangent? Oh yeah, Busted Tees bustin’ out the funny  beard-themed garb.

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