Battle of Leyte General Macarthur Returns With a Surfboard T Shirt

by on September 7, 2011

Apparently, General Douglas MacArthur returned from somewhere with his crew. And his pants were rolled up and he had a surfboard. The waves in the Phillipines were pretty sweet, and since he’d come all that way to do battle, he didn’t want to waste an opportunity to catch a few waves after the fighting bullshit was over.

The Battle of Leyte was a major victory over the Japanese, who had just introduced kamikaze pilots, which is pretty freaky business, even for war.

You like to take a look back at history with a slightly humorous bent? Well, then you probably will dig how Headline Shirts rolled up MacArthur’s pants and gave him that surfboard as he marched forth in 1944 on this General MacArthur Returns T Shirt.

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