Batman Wayne Enterprises T Shirt

by on October 19, 2010

Of course we’re talking about Bruce Wayne’s company in the DC Universe comic series. Formerly WayneCorp, but I guess Lucius Fox thought they needed a little freshening up of the brand, so they pushed through the change to Enterprises. Good move in my opinion.

Hey wait, I don’t give a shit about the back story of a fictional company that originated in a comic and has gone through like 23 actors to play the Bruce/Batman combo. Nor do I really give a shit about this Wayne Enterprises T Shirt, but, hey, if you’re a big fan don’t let me stop you from wasting your money and purchasing a dozen, eleven for you and one for your only friend, the Beagle dog your mom adopted from the shelter.

Busted Tees pumping out non-funny shirts for your non-funny, cartoonish pleasure. Snooze. Nice model though. Am I right?

Hey, did anybody figure out why Christian Bale did that super raspy voice when he put on the bat suit? Kind of weird.

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