Batman and Robin Or Bat In Pants and Robin T shirt

by on July 6, 2011

You ever watch those 70s movies where there’s always gratuitous shots of men and women with their shirts off. The women usually have perky little boobies, while the dudes are tan and hairy. This bat in pants reminds me of those dudes. Plus, he’s heroic like a lot of those dudes in the movies, and he probably has a bit of a wild streak as you can see by the way he cocks his head, and his patent leather shoes. That robin in this Batman and Robin Spoof T Shirt wonders every day if he really made the right choice hanging with this weirdo, but somewhat charismatic creature.

Busted Tees shows it’s true creepy colors with this one. Watch out! They’re lurking in the alley with airplane glue and macaroni.

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