Baseball Football T Shirt

by on August 26, 2010

Hey check it…a little sporty misdirection. You know you like sports and misdirection is huge in sports execution, so this is for you. Actually, you would probably also like to wear this shirt if you hated sports because you’re basically saying baseball, football, whatever…I don’t care.

So, how often do you get this? The Baseball Football T-Shirt reaches out to two sides of the argument. Both parties can agree on wearing this one. Don’t you wish there was this sort of bi-partisan beauty in politics. How about the coming together of two disparate worlds. Only happens in the movies right now, but you could make it a reality by starting a movement. And, that movement starts with this very sophisticated, yet simple shirt.

Torso Pants is big time into sports fandom and mocking sports all at the same time.

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